Davy Graham


Angie was originally written back in 1961 by Davy Graham ( you can listen to a recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXhWgbmc9yU)
The song was picked up by Bert Jantsch and then in 1966 with Simon and Garfunkel's breakthrough album Sounds of Silence. It sounds very different from Grahams original version but even Graham never played it the same way twice.

The song's name changed a couple of times from "Anji", "Angi" to "Angie". No matter what name, it is a beautiful but challenging song to play. It is in the key of B minor used with a capo at the second fret using standard tuning.

My version of Angie was recorded back in 1984 and released on the Album "Hingerem Müschter" by the Berner Barden. It closely follows Paul Simons version with a few twists and turns...

The sheet music can be found here: Angie Sheet Music


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