The mission of Silentime is to document and make my guitar music available to a greater audience. Besides being able to listen to songs in MP3 and FLAC format, sheet music in standard and tablature notation is available for most songs. This will make it much easier to learn a tune rather than just listen and trying to figure out what is being played.

In addition, most songs will have a MIDI track available. That allows you to play the song on an electronic instrument (like a synthesizer) and it provides a many different ways to manipulate and play a tune.


How does it work?

All songs are recorded in stereo using two pencil condenser microphones, The audio signals are going through a Behringer pre-amplifier where they are digitized and routed to the computer via USB. The processing of the audio is done on the computer with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) using Cakewalk. Cakewalk is a professional software for multi-track recording, editing of digital audio and MIDI that became free in 2018.